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Comparison sites starting to make waves in Asia

Price comparison websites are a significant part of the financial landscape in the UK. Nicky Burridge asks whether Asia will look the same in the future.

Portal to help consumers save on insurance premiums

Singaporeans can now compare the prices of different varieties of insurance products to gain more savings.

Men and women are poles apart when buying car insurance

SINGAPORE - When it comes to buying motor insurance, men and women are poles apart.

Easy, cost-saving way to car insurance

Mention "renewal of car insurance" and many women tend to shut down their mental engine and put a brake on the conversation.

Motor insurance premiums levelling off

PREMIUMS for motor insurance seem to be finally levelling off after spiking up by as much as 40 per cent in 2009 in response to the industry's massive underwriting losses the year before.

Car insurance: Two strikes and you’re out?

CAR insurers have insisted that it is within their rights to reject policy applications from motorists if they have one too many accident claims within a year.

Singapore Car Insurance - How Your Car Insurance Premium is Determined

In Singapore, car insurance premiums are priced according to the risk level insurers have to bear. As a consumer, knowing these factors help you navigate around potholes so you can get the most competitive motor insurance in the market -- every time.

First car insurance comparison website launched in Singapore

If you want to compare the best auto insurance rates online, you can check the website that’s launched in Singapore for comparing auto insurance rates. This is the 1st ever website launched in Singapore for comparing and getting the most affordable auto insurance quotes.

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