CompareXpress Partner: CIMB Bank

CIMB Group has had a presence in Singapore since 1947 through Ban Hin Lee Bank, a predecessor of CIMB Bank. Over the years, the Bank served a small loyal base of SMEs, providing them traditional banking products and services. The Group's presence then intensified in 2005 following the acquisition of G. K. Goh Stockbrokers Pte. Ltd. Through this acquisition, the Group made significant progress on the corporate banking and capital markets front.
Singapore's position as the region's most developed economy and financial gateway makes it an essential component of CIMB Group's regional franchise. Realising this and also in response to the demand of customers in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia who frequent Singapore, the Group officially re-branded its Singapore retail banking franchise and started offering a full range of financial products and services in September 2009. CIMB Bank Singapore leverages on the Group's extensive regional network and resources to bring innovative products and services to the Singaporean market.
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